MailChimp is the pre-eminent email marketing platform and has a huge range of features that can help you keep in touch with and market to your existing and potential customers.

Netinsites has been involved in helping customers with MailChimp since the early 2010s and has watched the platform grow into a vital component of many businesses' communication strategy.

Netinsites can help your business to:

  1. Embed forms on your Website or connect to MailChimp's to gather contacts
  2. Integrate MailChimp with your Website or other contact databases
  3. Import your contacts and segment them appropriately
  4. Develop simple but effective design templates that can be used to highlight your message
  5. Schedule your content and write in a professional manner for your newsletter
  6. Manage the act of completing content and sending/scheduling email campaigns
  7. Maintain your MailChimp account and lists